Saturday, August 20, 2005


Morris decided to take matters in to his own hands on his rescue mission of Martin from the Transdanubian Cave Creatures.

He rented a small plane for his mission.
Morris Flies

“Here I am to save the day,” he sang as he flew west toward the afternoon sun not knowing where to find the faraway land called Hungary where he would save Martin from the Transdanubian Cave Creatures.

West and west he flew across the great blue pond called the Atlantic Ocean.

Morris did not stop until he reached the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

There he gassed up the plane and had Bob, the Park Ranger, take a picture of him standing on the Continental Divide.
Morris in Colorado

Then he drank a quick cup of coffee, climbed back in to the cockpit and continued to sputter west to rescue his dear friend Martin from the Transdanubian Cave Creatures who he imagined were ravenous monsters that reeked of raspberries and catfish.

-Adventures of Morris I

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