Saturday, April 2, 2005


How did you celebrate Easter? Is spring in the air in your area? Here is an excerpt from Leanne Bell's article, The true origins of Easter. [Editor's note: The article includes pictures of a nude female model, so it could be a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) page depending on your work situation.]

Whatever the festival or whatever the country, spring festivals always involved young women and a lot of fun and merriment, sprinkling or squirting water on the girls, chasing them around bonfires, beseeching them for a secretive kiss. Women were always central to the celebration, and men were given full licence to adore them openly, without shame or ridicule. Just like we do at Body in Mind. (Body in Mind, 03/25/05.)

I have plenty of school work to do in April and May. I also have to plan for future activities with the purchasing & logistics association. I am not sure how often I will publish posts during this and next month, but I will try to following Wayne Hurlbert's recommendation of at least three posts per week. Read his post, Blog posting frequency and other dilemmas, for ideas on how to keep up the blogging pace. I will try to be a regular participant in the Carnival of Capitalists and Cats. I will also continue to write posts on the situation in Iran. On my other blog, you could follow the evolution [hat tip to the Politburo Diktat] and "goal-directed action" of my paprika (sweet pepper) and chile pepper plants. I hope you are looking forward to read my third annual blog report on May 7.

Talking about spring break, I hope that John Cox & Allen Forkum will have a good one...

Speaking of which, John and I will be taking a break in the coming week. I may post some older cartoons, but don't expect anything new for a few days while we recharge the batteries. (, Gorilla in the Midst, 04/01/05.)

Maybe I should consult the "automated blogging robot," Bloggy, if I have problems with coming up with posts in the future... [Via Blogger Buzz.]

Inspired by Clocky, the automated clock robot, ibiblio ProductLabs invented Bloggy, a mobile, autonomous blogging robot. Are you too tired to blog? Do you not have enough to say? Bloggy solves all your problems by blogging for you! From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, Bloggy will follow you around and record all of your events to share with the world! With Bloggy, you'll never again worry about having a boring blog. (

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