Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I didn't see any real result with only displaying the new ad links, so I have inserted Google's AdSense again. Blog Herald reports that Weblogs, inc. has an Adsense revenue of about $180,000 per year. I have made about 0.01% of this amount so far... Here is an excerpt from my post, THE WILD WEST IN BLOG ADVERTISING.

Blogads has so far been the most successful form of advertising for me. I like Henry Copeland's description on how advertisers' placement of ads is an act of "joining an ongoing conversation." (WSJ, page B1) I haven't made any real money from Google AdSense yet, due to the fact that I can't get a check until the number of clicks have reached a certain level, generating the minimum dollar amount for Google to write me a cheque. Recently I have changed the format to Ad Links. I have to evaluate this a bit later on in the future. On a related note, read Roger L. Simon's post, Google Ads Are Back...

Talking about ads, have you seen that you could place a classified text ad on my blog now? (EGO, 03/25/05.)

From the article, The future of blogging:

Is there a business model?
While corporations can chalk up blogging as a marketing expense, the story is a little different for individuals. Can blogging pay the bills? If you are lucky, you can pay the hosting fees, but that's about it, say Wharton experts. Nevertheless, Werbach predicts that multiple business models will emerge. Individuals ages 18 through 25 are spending more of their time online, and marketers need to reach them. That means blogging could become a way to target the most coveted audience for media. (News.com, 04/05/05.)

On a related note, read James Joyner's post, Wordpress Banned by Google for Spamming.

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