Monday, April 11, 2005


Read Matt Bramanti's post, Are you a South Park Republican?

Here is an excerpt from my post, X-MA$.

Stan (South Park) knows about the true "spirit of X-mas." I am not a huge fan of South Park (I got a dose of the show during my years at college...), but I would prefer to watch an episode of South Park's political incorrectness instead of socialist propaganda à la Robin Hood in Christopher's Christmas Mission on Swedish television. Here is an excerpt from Jason Roth's editorial, The True Meaning of Xmas:

"Despite all the commercialism, childish greediness, spiked eggnog, and endless gift-wrapped mountains of materialistic extravagance, there's a lot not to like about Christmas." [, 12/25/02] (EGO, X-MA$, 12/20/03.)

If you want to create your own figure, go to South Park Studio (version 2) at Planearium in Germany. [Via A Small Victory.] Do you think that my figure should belong to the gallery at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? I am taking a similar position as Laurence Simon, except for his last sentence. I am not a neocon.

But I do not consider myself a South Park Republican. Any hints of loyalty to that or the other party are just figments of your imagination.

Neocon all the way. (, 04/10/05.)

By the way: Have you seen Team America - World Police? Here is an excerpt from C.A. Wolski's review, Puppet Masters of the Universe.

Like South Park, the movie also has musical numbers, which again display Parker and Stone's brilliant comic writing skills. Among them are "Everyone Has AIDS" (from a fictional musical starring hero Gary) and Kim Jong Il's balladic lament "I'm So Ronry." The best piece of musical writing however is the Team America Anthem, "America, F—k Yeah," which is played at the beginning of each mission. (, 10/15/04.)

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