Saturday, December 20, 2003


Are you ready to celebrate X-mas, winter solstice and Yuletide?

Stan (South Park) knows about the true "spirit of X-mas." I am not a huge fan of South Park (I got a dose of the show during my years at college...), but I would prefer to watch an episode of South Park's political incorrectness instead of socialist propaganda � la Robin Hood in Christopher's Christmas Mission on Swedish television. Here is an excerpt from Jason Roth's editorial, The True Meaning of Xmas:

"Despite all the commercialism, childish greediness, spiked eggnog, and endless gift-wrapped mountains of materialistic extravagance, there's a lot not to like about Christmas." [, 12/25/02]

Tune in to the History Channel for the real story of Christmas. If you want to get in the right mood, put a Yule log on the fire, get your favorite drink, and then take some time to read Leonard Peikoff's column, A consumerism Christmas. Celebrate capitalism with joy, not shame.

If you want to be a true capitalist "pig" (read: trader), read "Francisco's Money Speech" from Ayn Rand's book, Atlas Shrugged. I look forward to the day when capitalism is a well-known ideal.

I have illustrated this post with an artwork by Jerald Rough'. If you want to buy some Christmas presents, check out the gift shop @ Quent Cordair Fine Art.

[Holiday by Jerald Rough' � 2000]

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