Sunday, April 24, 2005


You could read several interesting articles on the tax situation around the world in the April 16th issue of the Economist.

The Logical Meme has comments on the issue.

Although we probably won't see serious discussion of a flat tax in our lifetime (given the current political climate surrounding entitlements in this country), there's a fine editorial in The Economist ("The Flat-Tax Revolution") that clears up several mischaracterizations surrounding what such a tax structure would portend. (, 04/18/05.)

Maybe it is time to move a bit east as a first step, before I take the big jump to the west? The Swedish Taxpayers Association has started a petition campaigning for a flat tax. [Editor's note: By the way, I am happy to hear that the "dark forces" didn't manage to enter the board of directors.] So, what's my take on a flat tax ? Here is an excerpt from my post, "SCRAP THE CODE".

Moxie wants to have a discussion on alternative tax methods. I thought that Steve Forbes' flat tax plan was a pretty good idea back in the day, but I changed my mind after I listened to Leonard Peikoff's interview with Bill Archer (The Leonard Peikoff Show, 06/17/96) and came to the conclusion that a retail sales tax is a better idea. Bruce Bartlett thinks that the flat tax makes a comeback. I wonder if the tax reforms in Slovakia could be implemented in other countries in Europe. For information on the situation in Sweden, read my post, TAX PRESSURE. (EGO, 12/06/03.)

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