Wednesday, April 13, 2005


With the case that plenty of posts and carnivals are concentrated to the beginning of the week (Carnival of the Capitalists on Monday) and during the weekend (Friday Ark, Carnival of the Recipes on Saturday, and Carnival of the Cats and Reason Roundup on Sunday), I was thinking of doing a midweek blogroll with links to interesting post by fellow bloggers. They often have an interesting Carnival of Vanities on Wednesdays, but this week the host (with the fitting blog name, "yeah whatever") is totally off... Look how he commented on Andy Clarkson's post:

Andy at The Charlotte Capitalist is not a fan of Rick Warren. He "fisks" The purpose-driven life in eight (fairly short) parts. I've never been a great fan of "fisking" because I'm a great fan of Robert Fisk, whose intellect and acuity dwarf those of most, if not all, of his detractors. And I wasn't totally convinced that Warren was any more than grazed by Andy's onslaught. You need to punch him with reasoning, Andy, not slap him like a girl. Next time get the robot chick to do it. (, 04/13/05)

Here is a list of interesting posts:

You are more than welcome to comment or trackback on this posts with tips on posts by fellow bloggers.

UPDATE 04/14/05:
Laurence Simon commented on this post and informed us that he has created an alternative version of this week's edition of the Carnival of the Vanities. Go to This Blog Is Full Of Crap and read the post, Carnival of the Vanities #134 - Avignon Edition. I hosted the 101st carnival (CARNIVAL OF THE VANITIES 101) on 08/25/04.

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