Monday, April 25, 2005


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carnival of the cats #57

Welcome everyone to my little corner of the world. I've lit a few more candles so it's not quite as dark as usual for all of my guests tonight. I know it's a little cramped, oubliettes aren't really made for entertaining, but we'll manage. I've brewed up a fresh batch of catnip tea for any of our guests, feline or human, and there are some trays of snacks so help yourself. (, 04/24/05.)

Welcome to The Reason Round-up. Please, not another Earth Day. The beauty of "Jenny". What the pope and Rick Warren evade. An entrapped beauty? Are you too fat or too thin? The disappointing David Lean. The scoop on those China protests...and lots more. (, 04/24/05.)



Some fifteen years ago I walked into a London office as a young banking trainee and my first boss, one of these seasoned and arrogant investment bankers, gave me only a few moments of his expensive time to tell me: "It's all about one thing, risk".

And how right he was. My journey across the globe was in essence a quest to strike the right balance between risk and reward, each time hoping a new equilibrium could help me move forward. Playing safe when you need to, roll the dice when you think you can. From the relative safety of investment banking to working with promising early stage companies, each time trying to find the right balance.

Capitalism in itself is a long historic journey where the participants always had to manage risk during their pursuit of wealth. From that perspective we're no different from the Dutch who settled Manhattan in the 17th century, only today the boundaries are no longer geographical. But the tools we use today to manage uncertainty are no different: sales techniques, legal documents, currency hedging, technology, insurance; they all have been around for ages.

This week I am proud to host a group of contributors who will update you on the state of affairs in their area of expertise. Each of them has assumed a measure of risk and is able to talk about an aspect of it. Marketing, sales, law, technology, entrepreneurship, it's all capitalism, and it's all about risk. (, 04/25/05.)

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