Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am still working on my draft post on the evolution of my workspace. I will publish it tomorrow, Sunday, August 23. I will then continue my "break" from blogging for another week. I will be back in the beginning of September.

I had to write a post after I received a direct message from Gary Vaynerchuk. I wrote the following tweet on August 21:

Check out @garyvee's new book #crushit at I have added it to my @amazonwishlist. "It's Time to Cash In on My Passion!"

I have a gut feeling that Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion will give me similar fuel for my soul as Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields, The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and Me 2.0 by Dan Schawbel have done.

Things are starting to work out in the right direction and I am adding pieces to the social media puzzle. It is time to make sweet stuff out of the sour grapes. Be prepared to read more about the following good things in life in the future:

Spotted at Berkeley Bowl: I didn't know that y...Image by Raymond Yee via Flickr

Business wise, I will start to write about "superfood" like aronia and seabuckthorn (havtorn in Swedish) and fine bottled water.

On a related note, please read guest blogger Roland Horvath's post, A SLOGAN TO LIVE BY. Cheers!


  1. The good things in life are what make it all worthwhile. :) Thank you so much for mentioning me -- I'm honored to be in such company.


  2. This guy carries on like he is in the cult of mlm sales. This sucks.

  3. Jennifer: Thanks for your comment! I look forward to meet you in NYC sometime in the future. I enjoy reading your Food Philosophy site and your messages on Twitter.

    Grames: I am sorry to here that you think that this entry sucks. I don't think that Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing is a cult. It is a different type of distribution channel compared with regular brick & mortar sales. I have been writing on MLM in the past on my other blog, Martin Lindeskog Market. If you want to learn more about network marketing, I recommend you to check out Network Marketing Today and MLM Today by David Stone. I look forward to follow your blog, Truth in the Whole.