Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recommending a High-Carb Diet is Evil

Carbs Are Destructive Of Our Bodies And Our Health.

In "More Bologna About Carbs" (a post on the Blog for the documentary "Fat Head"),Tom Naughton says (he puts in italics the claims he quoted from the article he references):

A couple of readers sent me links to this article, titled “Why You Should Get Over Your Fear of Carbs.” Naturally, it’s all about the wonders of carbohydrates — you know, the only macronutrient we eat more of now than we did 30 years ago. Boy, we sure got slim and healthy in the meantime, didn’t we?


Eat carbs more often! While the conventional approach to dieting teaches you how to omit meals, the smarter approach is to make sure you do not miss meals. And it gets better. Eating a carb-protein meal 4 times per day rather than 3 helps keep blood sugar levels stabilized.

Well, yeah, after the carbs you had at your last meal spike your insulin and lead to a drop in blood sugar, eating again will in fact raise your blood sugar. That’s why people who eat sugar and starch end up craving between-meal snacks. Eating those snacks is treating the symptom, not the cause … kind of like the drunks who keep drinking to avoid a hangover.

Research has demonstrated that regulating blood sugar levels regulates hormonal secretions which results in optimal fat burning.

Which is exactly why you shouldn’t be eating carbs and sending your blood sugar on a roller-coaster ride, you (expletive deleted … another expletive deleted … wow, that one surprised even us censors)! If you skip the carbs, your body will make blood sugar from protein on an as-needed basis, which keeps it naturally regulated.


Eat carbs late at night. Yes this is just as important as the rest of your meals. And go ahead and eat dinner even if it is late. Starving yourself or skipping meals slows the metabolism and let’s face it — it isn’t fun to starve!

Everybody sing along: sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at supper time. Eating carbs all day long — including late at night — is how we became a nation of type II diabetics. And restricting carbs is the most effective way to treat type II diabetics. Many can even live without insulin injections if they give up the carbs.

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I had read the article “Why You Should Get Over Your Fear of Carbs," too. And was equally disgusted with it.

Update (10:22 AM Houston Time): I should say: Not necessarily evil -- maybe extremely, ignorantly ill-informed.

Update (8-25-09 10:40 AM Houston Time): It would be irrational not to recognize differences in cognitive and moral status in regard to recommending carbs such as flour and sugar. But that would not make a catchy title. And, in any case, such a diet is unhealthy and wrong for man.

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