Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been thinking on my future writing. I will continue to write my blog posts in a pundit style, mixed up with lighter entries, e.g., tracking Morris the cat, and coming up with good life stuff. I will try to follow some kind of weekly schedule, but now and then I will take a break from my EGO blog, concentrating on other assignments, for example writing pieces for other sites and preparing interviews for my podcasting show. I want to get into the right flow and start to microblog on a regular basis.

Do you have tips on literature on writing skills? Here is an excerpt from The Art of Nonfiction by Ayn Rand. The book is edited by Robert Mayhew.

The articles I most enjoy writing are in the middle range. Middle-range articles fall somewhere between theoretical and journalistic articles. They consist of the application of abstractions to concretes, which is what most intellectual magazines contain. Such articles deal neither with philosophical theory nor with concrete reporting. They accept a theoretical proposition and analyze some current event or some aspect of the culture from that viewpoint. (Chapter 1 - Preliminary Remarks, page 5.)

Recommended reading: Gus Van Horn Turns Three!

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