Sunday, November 23, 2008


Now I understand why a central part of Gothenburg city had been blocked for regular traffic on Saturday afternoon... From Peter Vinthagen Simpson's article, Bill Gates in Sweden for high society wedding.

The weekend will not be all champagne and canapés for the Microsoft billionaire as he has been appointed as one of the ushers for the service which will begin at 2pm on Saturday.

With security tight, Gates, the happy couple and the other key figures in the ceremony were taken through their paces for the rehearsal on Friday afternoon.

All the details of the rehearsal were completed in time for the weekend's festivities to begin with a reception at Gothenburg's art museum on Friday evening. Gates arrived early and told the assembled media:

"It feels great to be here," on being asked what it was like to be in Sweden. ...

Simonyi and Swedish socialite Lisa Persdotter were engaged on 08/08/08 in the romantic setting of St.Tropez in the south of France.

Simonyi, likes Gates, is an active philanthropist and is known as something of a jetset billionaire.

His jetset lifestyle has not only been limited to the planet Earth and he caught the headlines last year when he spent 13 days in outer space on a trip that set him back a modest $25 million. He is preparing for his second trip into space, in 2009, that will make him the first tourist to make a second journey into the great beyond.

Charles Simonyi has been described by scientist Richard Dawkins as "a sort of combination of International Renaissance Man, Playboy of the Scientific World, Test Pilot of the Intellect, and Space-age Orbiter of the Mind as well as of the Planet." (The Local, November 22, 2008.)

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