Sunday, November 30, 2008


From Typealyzer [Hat tip to Dennis McDonald, via LinkedInBloggers - Yahoo! Groups]:

The analysis indicates that the author of is of the type: ISTP - The Mechanics.

The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often like seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars or working as policemen and firefighters. (

The GenderAnalyzer said the following: "We think is written by a woman (62%)." [Editor's note to self: Que?!]

Here are some material for posts in the pipeline:

  • History lesson on Thanksgiving.
  • Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.
  • Future chile pepper challenge at a restaurant in New York City.
  • Wine tasting with four different wines from the U.S.A.
  • Forthcoming piece at Open Forum on why America is a great place for doing business.
  • Upcoming podcast interview with Jonathan Hoenig at SolidVox.

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