Saturday, November 22, 2008


After Larry Genkin's comment on my post, BLOGOSPHERE VERSUS MSM, I had to check out the Blogger & Podcaster Media Network. Here is an excerpt from Jason Kincaid's article, Blogger And Podcaster Media Network Looks To Turn Long Tail Blogging Into A Full-Time Job.

Larry Genkin, the founder and editor of Blogger and Podcaster Magazine, is looking to help the long tail of bloggers turn their hobby into a lucrative job. He has started the Blogger and Podcaster Media Network, a consortium of bloggers and related companies looking to help bloggers of all sizes effectively monetize their sites without having to worry about having a relatively small audience. The site is currently open for signups, but won't go live until early next year.

At launch the BPMN is a rollup of companies including Genkin's magazine, Fuel My Blog (A bloggers' social network based in the UK), Podcast Pickle (a podcasters' social network), and SocialRank, a company similar to Sphere that monitors blogs for related and popular content.

Each of these companies will help promote the new network, and will also offer technology to help bloggers build out their site (for example, they'll be able to use SocialRank's technology). The BPMN will also try to partner with large media companies to help give blogs more exposure. To help each blog get started, the company has partnered with PR NewsWire, which will offer each blogger a promotion package Genkin says is worth $2000. (Washington Post / TechCrunch, October 28, 2008.)

For more on The Long Tail, read Larry Genkin's post, The Must Know Business Principle of The Digital Age and his article, Power (and a Six Figure Salary) to the Blogosphere's "Little Guys".

I have signed up for a free membership to the Blogger & Podcaster Media Network. You are welcome to write my name in the "referred by" field, if you sign up too.

I said in July that my podcasting show would start again in September. I am waiting for further updates on the situation from Prodos. I intend to keep my radio station on BlogTalkRadio, as a test laboratory, but I am not sure how much time I will spend on it. The same goes for my channel on LiveVideo. I haven't had a show yet and I am not sure if I will use this platform in the future. I will check out and see if this site could be my future live video broadcasting home.

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