Friday, November 21, 2008


I want to create a new start and home page in the near future. I am planning to set up a new site end of this year or beginning of 2009. I am pleased with my domain name, but as the situation is now I think I will change from PageFlakes to some other site tool. I don't think it was so clever move to add advertising on all the pages without informing the users. The company has removed the ads, but the incidence got me thinking of making a change. Here is an excerpt from Phil Bradley's post, Pageflakes removes advertising.

I'm pleased to see Pageflakes responding so quickly, and I think the immediate response has really shocked them. Unfortunately, it also means that they really don't understand their audience at all, and several people have expressed concerns to me about the extent to which they can trust the company now (which is not at all!) It's very disappointing because this could have been so easily avoided, if they'd just talked to their users. However, it's another really interesting example of the way in which the power balance is flicking back and forth in a Web 2.0 environment; sometimes user protests work and sometimes they don't, but users are generally now very quick to voice their opinions. Moreover, since there are plenty of other options available for all of these resources it's tremendously easy for people to simply up and move on - perhaps we're all cyber-nomads now? It's also a useful point for end users to remember - these resources do require money, and it has to be found from somewhere! Advertising is certainly a good option, but it does need to be much more unobtrusive; Pageflakes got that wrong on so many levels! (Phil Bradley's weblog, November 22, 2008.)

I will continue to develop a network hub and market(ing) place for my different business areas, e.g., home based business opportunities, direct selling products, consulting services, freelance stuff as an international project coordinator, etc.

Please send me tips on web site creation and management tools and web hosting providers including domain name registration services. I want to be able to integrate widgets and social networking tools on the site and to set up a landing page and forms for site visitors to fill in. I will use this feature for my future e-pamphlet. I found several tools under the "creating websites" category on Phil Bradley's "I want to" page. I will test Edicy, SynthaSite and Webnode.


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  1. I am interested to see how you will do this as I have no idea how to do much of the web stuff for my blog. Will be back to check. Great blog.