Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here is the first batch of photos by Morris the cat photographer. He took about 30 pictures with the camera. I have uploaded five photos at Flickr.

Morris 1(5)

I will ask Morris if he wants to take snapshots on a regular basis. The next step is to track his route by a GPS device.

Here is an excerpt from Chris Radcliff's article, Mr. Lee, the Three-Eyed Cat.

The success of the original Mr. Lee CatCam has spawned more feline tech accessories, like the CatTrack GPS tracker and the forthcoming CatCam Live, a CatCam with integrated antenna for broadcasting live TV feeds. Each has detailed (but accessible) technical specifications and build notes; it's obvious that Perthold is a real enthusiast. (Wired, October 7, 2008.)

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  1. This is great! I can just imagine how unhappy he'd be with something extra hanging around his collar! lol

    I know Chub would just lay down and refuse to move.