Friday, November 18, 2005


EGO has been labelled a "wingnut" by Sadly, No! Brad R. is attacking Gus Van Horn's crosspost, Around the Web on 11-16-05.

Makin' New Friends!

The best thing about Pajamas Media Open Source Media is that they've introduced me to a whole bunch of right-wing bloggers that I otherwise would've never read (mostly because they really suck, but that's another story). So for your enjoyment, I'm going to review some of these new-found treasures and grade them in various categories, including their blind allegiance to President Bush, their paranoid hatred of the media, and their belief that they're an oppressed minority despite controlling all three branches of the federal government. Bonus points will be awarded for poor spelling, punctuation and syntax. Let's get started!

Contestant #3: Egoist.

How he describes his blog: "Reason, egoism, laissez-faire capitalism." Sounds like a Randian to me. And you know what they tend to look like: ...

[Editor's comment: EGO is not included in the list of characters from The Simpsons. For a picture of the editor, check out my profile at Blogger. Recommended reading: My post, IS EGO A SOUTH PARK REPUBLICAN?]

Verdict: Everything you could want from an OSM blogger. He gets the max ten wingnuts. (, 11/17/05.)

[Editor's comment: I am glad that Morris is on my side...]

For more animal pictures, go to the Friday Ark #61 at the Modulator.


UPDATE 11/20/05:

Be sure to read Gus Van Horn's post, What's wrong with the left today?

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