Tuesday, November 15, 2005


From Anick Jesdanun's article, Web site to blend journalism with blogs:

A media Web site scheduled to debut Wednesday will seek to blend traditional journalism with the freeform commentary developed through the emerging Web format known as blogs.

Some 70 Web journalists, including Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds and David Corn, Washington editor of the Nation magazine, have agreed to participate in OSM - short for Open Source Media. (BusinessWeek / Associated Press, 11/15/05.)

It would have been fun to attend the launch of Open Source Media (Pajamas Media) in the Big Apple. Do a WhoIs search on OSM.org and you will find "PJ attorney Nina Yablok" as the registrant.

Here is an excerpt from Jay's post, Thoughts On Pajamas Media.

I was excited by the original PJ concept. I grew more skeptical over time, and what it ended up being bore limited resemblance to the plan as presented to me in one of the early NDA invitations. Change isn't automatically bad, as things sometimes don't work out as expected or prove viable, but it looked too different, and lost the main incentive it had for many of us: shared revenue and clout for distributed advertising across many small blogs. (AccidentalVerbosity.com, 11/06/05.)

On a related note, read Robert May's post, BlogAds - Who Makes What? and my post, ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: NEW ADVERTISING.

UPDATE 11/18/05:

EGO is now listed on OSMTM. I have added the Open Source Media logo to the PJM ad section for the time being. The OSM button is made by Robot Guy. I am sure that Magnus Kempe is working hard with the technical issues of inserting the advertisements on the blogs.

Iowahawk is explaining the business model in his post, The Blockbuster OSM Deal: What You Need to Know. [Via Roger L. Simon.]

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