Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Okay, I need a drink now... I wonder if the bureaucrats at Systembolaget have been inspired by the mullahs in Iran... [Editor's comment: Click on the "drink" link for an explanation.]

Here is an excerpt from Teresa Küchler's article, Sweden to lobby Barroso on alcohol monopoly.

The 50 year-old Swedish alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget has launched a birthday campaign to convince the European Commission that a monopoly on alcohol is necessary for public health - pointing to the lowest rate of alcohol-related deaths in the Nordic alcohol nanny state.

On Tuesday (22 November) some 70 Swedish and Finnish newspapers, and the Financial Times, will publish an open letter from Systembolaget to the European commission's president, Jose Manuel Barroso, explaining why Mr Barroso (as a symbol of Europe) should cut down on alcohol consumption.

To accompany the letter, a cartoon "crash course" information film on the dangers of alcohol will be broadcast on website www.dearmrb.se, created for the occasion. (EUobserver.com, 11/21/05.)

More on Systembolaget:

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