Sunday, November 20, 2005


Here are some signs that Open Source Media is entering the market in the right time:

The only thing we have to hope for is that the increased amount of online advertising will continue the conversation... Here is an excerpt from Beth Kirsh's post, Ad Tech Blog Panel Reflections, WOM, and Examples of Blog Ads. [Via BlogAds.]

The bottom line is BLOG ADVERTSING NEEDS TO BE PART OF THE CONVERSTION [Editor's note: sic.] and the creative that you run needs to reflect the conversation. Moreover, when people have having an emotional experience with a blogger they like, and you play off that topic in your marketing message, you can have a powerful consumer touch point from a DR and brand perspective. If you mange to pull this off as a marketer, your ROI will soar. (, 11/15/05.)

The next area to be explored is classified advertising. From the article, Classified calamity:

Rupert Murdoch once described them as the "rivers of gold"—the lucrative classified-advertising revenues that flowed into big newspaper groups. But the golden rivers are being diverted online as the internet breaks the grip that local and regional newspapers once held over their advertising markets.

Typically, a local newspaper would expect to get some 80% of its revenue from advertising, of which around two-thirds would come from classifieds. But last year in the San Francisco Bay area, job ads worth some $60m were lost from newspapers to the web, reckons Classified Intelligence, a consultancy. Emap, a British publisher, recently gave warning of a 30% decline in recruitment ads in one of its titles, Nursing Times, following the launch of a free website for jobs in Britain's National Health Service. (, 11/17/05.)

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