Monday, November 7, 2005


In the news: MI5 probes suicide attack plots on Washington - Sunday Times.

MI5 is investigating a suspected plot by Islamic terrorists to carry out multiple suicide bombings of the White House and the Capitol in Washington DC. (, 11/06/05.)

The plot was organized by an Al-Qaeda member in Sweden. From Mark Hosenball's article, Target Washington?

According to the officials, the U.K. suspects are believed to have been in e-mail contact, via Hotmail accounts, with a suspected major jihadi recruiter who used the Internet nom de guerre "Maximus." According to the officials, Maximus was initially based in Sweden, but then moved to Bosnia, where investigators believe he helped to run a network recruiting disaffected European youth to go to Iraq to join the insurgency. Investigators believe the network engaged in extensive credit-card fraud to finance its activity and raise funds for jihadi groups. (Newsweek /, 11/04/05.)

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