Saturday, October 22, 2005


When I clicked on the book on Mike Mentzer I found a link to Gary Bannister's book, In Arthur's Shadow: Daily Musings on Exercise, a Tribute to Arthur Jones. Here is an quote from the publisher:

Not a 'how to' book, the format is a series of anecdotes - daily musings - that unveils the character and integrity of one of the few, if not the only genius in the field of exercise. At the same time, it highlights the author’s experience with those viewpoints.

Arthur Jones was eccentric, opinionated and "outraged" by the ignorance, myth and fraud that engulfed his fields of choice. A master communicator, he hit audiences like a sledgehammer. Few escaped unscathed. (Cork Hill Press.)

Amazon's suggested reading material ("You may also be interested in these items...") is a great way of finding new books to read. Another great example of personalized information is Findory. I found out about Jung Chang and Jon Halliday's book, Mao: The Unknown Story, via this news link.

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