Saturday, October 22, 2005


Commissar of the Politburo Diktat is compiling a family tree of the blogosphere in his post, Who's Your Daddy? I added BlogTree to the Resources category in August 2002. [Editor's comment: I don't know if this service is defunct at the moment. I get this message: "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded."] Here is an excerpt from my post, ANNUAL BLOG REPORT.

I want to highlight a few bloggers:

Fredrik Norman: You have been a great inspiration with your well designed blog with great content. You are my "blog parent".
John Cox & Allen Forkum: Thanks for your editorial cartoons. They have caught a great attention. I enjoy your book, Black & White World, very much!
Mårten Barck @ Watch: Thanks for promoting my new blog, Lukeion, in a great way. I am honored to be on your list of the Site of the week.
Michael Moynihan @ the Politburo: Thanks for defending America. Sweden and the rest of the countries in Europe, are in need of supporters like you. (EGO, 05/07/03.)

Who is your blog father / mother? [Editor's comment: I wonder if I have any blog children out there...]

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