Sunday, October 16, 2005


As I promised last week, here is another example of bureaucracy: Laval un Partneri Leaves Swedish Site.

Under the pressure from the Swedish labor unions, Latvian building company Laval un partneri abandoned the building site in Sweden.

The Swedish labor unions had staged a blockade of the company's building site on the outskirts of Stockholm for three months over wages paid to workers hired in Latvia. The building company insists that the wages are fair and are regulated by the Latvian labor agreement. And admittedly, the company provides a substantial compensation according to the Latvian standards.
The labor unions, however, insist that the company must pay wages permissible in Sweden (, 02/14/05.)

In the news:

The EU commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, has been attacked by the leftists and the labor unions. Here is a excerpt from an article in The Sunday Times.

"When he attacks one of the most successful labour models in Europe, that is very serious," warned Thomas Oestros, the country's industry minister. (, 10/16/05.)

Laval built the Embassy of Switzerland in Stockholm in 2003.

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