Sunday, October 16, 2005


Here is an excerpt from an article (Free ideas) in the Economist.

The call for a new approach was made forcefully this week in a statement called the Adelphi Charter, issued by a group of prominent legal scholars, artists, scientists and experts from around the world. The Adelphi group are a varied crew ranging from Gilberto Gil, the Brazilian culture minister (and pop star) to Sir John Sulston, a Nobel-winning scientist who helped decode the human genome, and James Boyle, a law professor at Duke University. They believe that the intellectual-property system is starting to lean so far in favour of private enrichment that it no longer serves the public interest. (, 10/13/05.)

I have asked the question before, but I ask it again: What's the definition of "public interest"?

I have a business idea that I want to protect in one way or another. I am looking forward to the second lecture of the Venture Cup business plan competition, called "intellectual property rights and strategy" on November 3. Awapatent and Vinge are two of the partners, supporting the cup.

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