Monday, October 3, 2005


I grabbed the title from Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World. Here is an excerpt from his post, Blogger starts business.

With the assistance of business blogs and the blogging community, Martin Lindeskog is certain to be a highly successful business entrepreneur. (, 10/02/05.)

Thanks to Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends for her supportive comment!

Congratulations, Martin, on taking the entrepreneurial plunge! I guarantee it will be fast, furious -- and fun.

Be sure to let all your friends in the blogosphere know how we can help.


I want to learn more about intellectual property rights, patents, and how to "secure" and keep your idea in "safe place." My idea will be applicable on the North American market, but I will start up the venture in Scandinavia due to the historical background and tradition of the business concept. This activity is not existing in great scale in North America... yet. Later on I want to get in contact with companies in the cardmaking, gift shop, and time management area. I am interested in getting advice on how to find partners, investors and venture capitalists for this project. Do you recommend to write a non-disclosure agreement if you want to discuss the ideas with potential business partners?

I have to chew and digest Robert May's post, Entrepreneurship: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid.

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