Tuesday, February 22, 2005


On August 18, 2002, I asked the following question:

I have added Badgett's Coffee eJournal to the Blog category. Please inform me if you find a Tea blog in cyberspace! (EGO, COFFEE, 08/14/02.)

Today I received an email from Stephane of Tea Masters in Taiwan. Isn't the blogosphere a great place, or what?! :) Here is an excerpt from the post, Robert Parker's influence.

We can see that true Teamasters, like Chih, Jung Sien, are following Robert Parker's path. Independent, we don't sell any tea and don't hesitate to say if a tea is bad. We believe in a more rational approach to understand and describe tea. (Tea Master, 02/03/05.)

During my trip to Asia in 1992, I visited Kwong Sang Tea Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong and ABC Tea / Sha Keng Tea Manufactory in Taiwan.

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