Monday, February 21, 2005


In a couple of months it is time for Earth Day (read: anti-man day), so it could be appropriate to talk about the costly hot air that is coming from Kyoto. Check out the Kyoto "count up meter" at [Via the Secular Foxhole.] Watch the global warming lecture at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. [Via Dollars and Crosses.]

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Robert C. Balling's article, Kyoto's Promise v. Climate Reality. Robert Balling is a climatology professor in the department of geography at Arizona State University.

The Kyoto Protocol will officially go into effect on February 16th, and negotiators throughout the world will rejoice given their triumph in international diplomacy. The implementation of the Protocol coincides with Michael Crichton's State of Fear emerging as a best seller, a book that strongly suggests that global warming is something of a political hoax. (Tech Central Station, 02/16/05.)

Recommended reading: My post, STATE OF FEAR. Go and read Tom DeWeese's article, The new religion is global warming.

In the news:

A trader who spoke on condition of anonymity said the activists ran around the floor, blowing whistles to disrupt trading on the exchange, which is the world's second-largest energy market. The trader said open outcry trading was stopped as a result of the protest, but that deals continued via the exchange's electronic trading system. (Forbes / AP, 02/16/05.)

More power to the traders at the International Petroleum Exchange!

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