Monday, February 21, 2005


From Robert Tracinski's article, America's Best and Worst Presidents, Part 1.

Washington's most important quality, the one for which he was revered in his own lifetime, was his integrity. He was not an intellectual or a theorist in the way that Jefferson and Adams were. He is not known for elucidating the principles of Republicanism or designing the structure of the new American government. He was known for standing by those principles with complete consistency in action. ...

In the coming days, I will continue this series with a discussion of Jefferson's presidency. In the meantime, I want to invite comments from TIA Daily readers on their picks for the best and worst presidents. (Pick the five best and three worst overall, and also the best of the Founding Era, the best of the 19th century, and the best of the 20th century.) ...

Most (if not all) presidents after the founding era do not approach the same level as our first five presidents. The question is: why? Why did America fail to sustain the level of political virtue it achieved at its founding into its later years? (, 02/21/05.)

What do you say: Presidents' Day or Washington's Birthday? On my Saluté (a collection of vintage beverage posters) novelty calendar, it says: "Presidents' Day" and "Dia de los Presidentes (Puerto Rico)" on February 21, and Washington's Birthday on February 22.

Here is an excerpt from my post, PRESIDENTS' DAY.

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UPDATE 02/23/05:
Go to InstaPundit for two book recommendations (Founding Father and Washington's Crossing). Have you read them? Then read the the post, A rare greatness, at Power Line.

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