Thursday, February 10, 2005


How did you celebrate New England Patriots' victory? To get in a good mood, read Thomas A. Bowden's article, The Joy of Football: The Super Bowl Offers a Too-Rare Celebration of Goal-Achievement. Did you watch's ad with "Nikki Cappelli" (Candice Michelle)? It looks like the ad has managed to achieve the first two letters in the marketing rule, A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). We have to wait and see if they get a return on their investment of $2.4 million. JimK (Right Thoughts) is noticing a "Streisand Effect." Read Go Daddy's founder and president, Bob Parson's post, Was the Banned Go Daddy Super Bowl ad indecent? You could see more of Candice Michelle / "Nikki Cappelli" if you go to "Funhouse Foxes of the week" (image 11 - 15). I wonder if Donald Wildmon (American Family Association) is pleased with the fact that Bob Parson has evolved from selling Bible software to domain names... Read Todd Shields's article, Activists Dominate Content Complaints.

Here is an except from Scott Holleran's newsletter The Concord Crier.

Remember the nipple that launched the free speech smackdown? Turns out that the complaints about the fading pop star's desperate attempt to get some Super Bowl-driven CD sales ­ which caused CBS to be punished by the government with most severe fine in U.S. history were caused by a grass-roots organization whose mission is to control content on television.

As their mission statement declares: "We serve as the conscience of the entertainment industry" and they mean it. Lucky for us the FCC and this band of moralistic morons were caught in the act ­ they'll cover up more concisely in the future ­ but not before the damage had been done. Meanwhile, as conservatives rise, other arcane laws may also being enforced. (The Concord Crier, 12/09/04.)

It is time to do something drastically with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). I agree with Rich Ord's statement:

Isn't it ironic that an ad that mocks the garment issue from last years game and in effect mocks censorship gets censored itself? This is an ad that didn't even show anything.

Does this set a precident that FCC controlled TV now should censor content that even suggest potential nudity? (, GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Controversy, 02/08/05.)

Go and read Robert Garmong's article, Grant Howard Stern's Wish: Abolish the FCC. Talking about Howard Stern, Jeff Jarvis is informing us that the "the star of the commercial" has been on the Howard Stern Show. Read Dwayne Bell's post, Three world capitals of beauty fall in the war against women.

UPDATE 02/19/05:
From Adam Crouch's post, The Top 10 Superbowl Ads. is a domain name registration and hosting service. They had two primary objectives with this ad: 1. Achieve some name recognition, and 2. Drive people to their website.

How did they do it? They created an ad that really stood out from the crowd, and created a bit of controversy. The "wardrobe malfunction" during last year's Superbowl caused Fox and their advertisers to be hypersensitive, and the result was a bunch of highly sanitized ads. ...

The commercial focuses on a tank top that starts to fall off of a dancing model, and then at the end it says, "see more coverage at". The result: their website traffic increased 378%. (The Raw Prawn, 02/13/05.)

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