Wednesday, February 16, 2005


This evening I saw a program called "Faktum" (Fact in Swedish). The topic was abortion and they showed how plenty of pressure groups and organizations are lobbying their agenda in America and in the European Union. The "Silver Ring Thing" is an organization pushing the idea that Americans shouldn't have sex until marriage. I haven't seen this kind of group in Sweden. Here you could watch commercials for the "morning-after" pill, NorLevo, during the "reality" show, Paradise Hotel. [Editor's comment: Personally, I don't care for this kind of program, but luckily there is a thing called remote control... ;)] The program also showed how Catholics are taking more and more control in the European Union due to their stronghold position in countries like Portugal, Malta, and Poland. The organization Woman on Waves sailed a ship to Portugal, trying to pick up women who wanted to do an abortion, but government refused the ship to enter the harbor. The organization World Youth Alliance is really lobbying inside the European Union.

The American Life League has a problem with Chris Rock. The director, Erik Whittington, thinks that the stand-up comedian should be removed as the host of this year's Oscars, for saying: "Abortion, it's beautiful." What do you think? Have you seen the movie, Kinsey? Read Scott Holleran's article, Considering Kinsey: Let's Think About Sex.


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