Tuesday, February 8, 2005


In today's issue of TIA Daily, Robert Tracinski is commenting on Rick Lyman's article, Some Bush Foes Vote Yet Again, With Their Feet: Canada or Bust. [Editor's note: Register on NYTimes.com, or read the article on the International Herald Tribune site.]

The last big emigration for the US to Canada was in 1783, when more than 10,000 people decided that they preferred to be British subjects rather than free men. Today, there is a new exodus of somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 leftists who are reacting to the election of George W. Bush by moving to Canada, which they apparently regard as a kind of giant, friendly socialist commune where everyone agrees with them.

The most interesting detail in the story below is about a leftist who moved to Virginia decades ago to convert the conservatives--and who now longs to withdraw from the debate. The left is not yet clearly outnumbered--certainly far less so than Objectivists. Yet we keep fighting while they flee. Why? It's not about numbers but about ideas: the left is no longer confident that it has compelling arguments to offer. (TIADaily.com, Leftist Loyalists Flee to Canada, 02/08/05.)

I would be happy to switch places with a leftist American. He or she could come to the socialist "paradise" of Sweden, and I could go to THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. To say it frankly, I wouldn't mind going to Canada myself if that could lead to my return to the United States of America sometime in the future. I am positive that the Canadians have a better sense of life than the Swedes. As you probably understand by now, I am a pretty movable person and I could go to a new place if I see an opportunity to do so.

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UPDATE 02/13/05:
The Canadian television network is mentioning (Website proposes marriage to 'Bush dodgers') a web site called "MarryAnAmerican.ca". [Via About.com's guide, Americans Immigrating to Canada.]

UPDATE 02/16/05:
I wonder what the American leftists and expatriots will say if they meet the members of the Red Ensign Brigade in Canada? [Via InstaPundit.]

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