Sunday, September 5, 2004


It is more than six months since I updated my post, DECK OF CARDS, i.e. a complete list of "Iraqi Most Wanted." [Editor's update: Wizbang is "questioning" the timing of the announcement and Petrified Truth is asking: Ten million dollar man caught or not?]

King of clubs (#6) - Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri.

Go to The Command Post and Rantburg for reports on new signs of Osama bin Laden in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Could the rumor about the capture of Saddam Hussein's right-hand be linked to the shutdown of Al-Jazeera and the new US-funded satellite channel, Al-Hurra?

The Guardian journalist, Rory McCarthy, reports from Baghdad [via Diggers Realm]:

The error was all the more embarrassing because Iraqi officials chose to break the news to al-Hurra, the new, US-funded satellite channel which was intended to bring a more reliable and credible news service to the Arab world. (Error over Saddam deputy, Guardian Unlimited, 09/06/04.)

If you want to know how popular the new channel is in the Middle East, read Paul Cochrane's article, Is Al-Hurra Doomed? Here is an excerpt:

Radical leftist writer and Middle East analyst Tariq Ali, during a recent visit to Beirut, told The Daily Star that Al-Hurra was like Pravda (Truth), the official newspaper of the Soviet Union that was notorious for its propaganda. "Like Fox TV News, it is 100 percent U.S. propaganda," he said. He contended that it wouldn't be able to rival other pan-Arab channels, despite the mixed reviews Al-Jazeera gets in certain political circles. "The Arab left hate Al-Jazeera, but given that the world is dominated by U.S. images, it is a breath of fresh air," Ali said. (World Press Review, 06/11/04.)

Al-Jazeera has supporters at the Brock University in Canada. Here is an excerpt from Sean Wilson's article, Why Al-Jazeera is important for Iraqi democracy:

Can anyone else see the bias and special interests here? How can this network report the pulse of the people if it is so selective? Can a television network created to service the Middle East, broadcasted from the United States really report the news that Iraqi people want to see, or deserve? (The Brock Press, 09/03/04.)

Do you want to "kill" some time until the next update? How about playing a game of "Iraqi Most Wanted" Solitaire?

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