Sunday, September 19, 2004


This entry is an update regarding my post, ATEQEH SAHALEH (08/23/04). Here is an excerpt from FrontPage magazine's symposium, Why the Mullahs Murdered Atefeh Rajabi:

Donna M. Hughes: Rajabi talked back to the judge, reportedly insulted him and said that the real perpetrators of moral corruption should be punished not the victims. That sounds like an accusation to me and possibly a threat. Does the judge know who these real perpetrators are that she referred to? We know that judges and other officials have been caught running prostitution rings. In her outrage at the unfairness of the charges against her, one account said she "undressed in court," although according to Alasdair Palmer in The Sunday Telegraph (August 29, 2004), she only took off her headscarf. [Editor's note: Here is the hyperlink to Alasdair Palmer's article, Death and the maiden in Iran.]

To us in the West, that seems like such a small act of defiance, but to the Islamic fascists, it is a threat to their entire ideology and system of social control. A woman or girl pulling off a headscarf is a challenge to the whole theocratic terrorist state. If a girl is allowed to get away with it, the whole system will start to crumble. ...

The Iranian theocracy cannot be reformed. Iran is a dictatorship based on the ruling principle of velayat-e fahiq which means rule by the supreme religious leader who has "guardianship" over the entire country. (Jamie Glazov, 09/17/04.)

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