Monday, September 13, 2004


Do you want to FINANCE THE EGO CAMPAIGN REFORM & LONDON CONVENTION? I have now booked my airplane ticket at Ryanair. It is amazing how affordable flying is nowadays. It is about the same amount of money to go by plane today as it was going by boat (economy class) in the 1980's! Nevertheless, the British pound is pretty strong in comparison to the Swedish currency, so you are more than welcome to hit the tip jar if you want.

I don't expect "to become fabulously wealthy" on my blogging, but I want to take the opportunity to put on the sales hat and promote my blog a bit to potential sponsors and advertisers. If you are interested in placing an ad powered by Blogads, please send me an e-mail and I will give you information about a special deal for first-time advertisers. I could also provide you with traffic stats, site ranking, top search key words, and loyal reader "demographics" available to me (e.g., ball park figure regarding Bloglet, RSS feed, and CaféPress newsletter subscriptions).

I want to welcome Body In Mind back as an advertiser! [Editor's note to Dwayne: Maybe these news items could fit your news page? Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins is really "at the peak of her form," don't you think? For more information, go to Pageantry magazine and read Fred Abel's article, The Aussie Rules.]

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