Wednesday, September 15, 2004


From Reporters Without Borders:

Said Motallebi, father of journalist Sina Motallebi living in exile in Holland from where he runs the news site, was arrested in Tehran on 8 September. (Reporters sans frontières /, 09/14/04.)

Read Hossein Derakhshan's post, Crackdown on reformist websites - wrap up. [Via Jeff Jarvis.] Here is an excerpt:

Last week they arrested the father of Sina Motallebi, well-known Iranian blogger who was himself arrested last year for three weeks which created a big splash both in the blogosphere and the mainstream press. After a few months, he fled to Netherlands where he started to write about his horrible situation in detention and described the ugly interrogation methods used by Iranian secret police and judiciary agents in great detail. (, 09/14/04.)

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UPDATE 09/16/04: News flash! I have been contacted by an Iranian blogger. F.A. is working at Radio Free Europe / Liberty / Farda. She has asked if I am interested in answering some questions during a telephone interview.

UPDATE 09/17/04: I look forward to Farin Assemi's report on the situation in Iran. In the meantime, please read Golnaz Esfandiari's article, Iran: Generation Gap Widening As Conservatives Try To Enforce Islamic Social Codes. Here is an excerpt:

The gap is quickly widening between the Islamic values promoted by Iran's conservative rulers and the demands of Iran's 35-and-unders. Many young Iranians have no interest in politics or tradition. Instead, they just want more social freedom -- freedom of expression, freedom to meet members of the opposite sex, and freedom to listen to the music of their choice. (, 12/09/03.)

UPDATE 09/19/04: Said Motallebi has been released. From Hossein Derakhshan's post, Bloggers protest against crackdown:

A big campaign has been organized by Iranian bloggers to protest against the recent arrests and the violent crackdown on the Internet. (Hoder's blog Editor: Myself, 09/18/04.)

[Editor's comment: Could you inform me more about the news site called Emrooz?]

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