Tuesday, September 7, 2004


The youth organization of the "Communist Party Marxists Leninists (revolutionaries)" has invited members of the Palestinian Progressive Youth Union to attend a "Palestine solidarity conference" in Gothenburg, Sweden. [Hat tip to Corvvs.] I saw a segment on a talk show called Debate, and they said that one of the participants at the conference is a former airplane hijacker.

UPDATE 09/08/04:
Here is an excerpt from Paul O'Mahony's article, Terror Tax:

A leading figure in the worlds of aeroplane hijacking and suicide bombing, Khaled was issued an invitation to speak at a solidarity conference in the Gothenburg suburb of Västra Frölunda. The sporting proles, in conjunction with the Revolutionary Communist Youth (RKU) and the Palestinian Progressive Youth Union, asked her to come along. RKU and Proletären FF are both part of KPML®, the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (revolutionaries).

RKU can afford to invite terrorist speakers, as it recently received SEK 45,000 in conference preparation money from the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, SIDA, which is funded by the taxpayer. In addition, according to Expressen, the football club of the proletariat retains its competitive edge with the help of SEK 170,000 in SIDA assistance received over the last number of years. (Stockholm Spectator, 09/06/04.)

Read Mårten Barck's (Watch) translation (Terrorspeaker invited with taxfunding) of Ingvar Hedlund's article, Terrortalare bjuds in med skattebidrag (Expressen, 09/02/04).

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