Monday, September 6, 2004


Joe Grossberg ends this week's edition of Carnival of the Capitalists with the following order:

Now let's go celebrate the most socialist holiday in the US!

I am glad that America is not celebrating Labor Day in the same way as in Sweden... Here is an excerpt from Fredric Hamber's article, On Labor Day, we should honor our minds - not our muscles:

It is fitting that the most productive nation on earth should have a holiday to honor its work. The high standard of living that Americans enjoy is hard-earned and well-deserved. But the term "Labor Day" is a misnomer. What we should celebrate is not sweat and toil, but the power of man's mind to reason, invent and create. (Daily Press, 09/06/04.)

What are you eating on Labor Day? Any special dishes? This recipe sounds genuine American: CocaCola Briskit. [Editor's comment: Could you tell me more about the word "brisket"?] Do you want to "chew" some more? Read the Reason Roundup at the Charlotte Capitalist.

In order to participate in a future Carnival of the Cats, I have to take one of Blogo Slovo's lectures in "creative problem-solving"... By the way: I forgot to enter the "mug of the month" drawing... [Editor's note to self: Get XPad!;)]

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