Saturday, January 7, 2006


I have placed three Pajamas Media ad strips in the left sidebar. I hope that Tom Troja, VP Marketing & Business Development, will be successful in finding advertisers. I hope it will be more of this type of ads, instead of a bunch of "public service announcements" and other types of annoying advertising. The good thing is that Juliette Ochieng, a.k.a Baldilocks, is coordinating the communication and feedback between the bloggers and members of Pajamas Media.

I don't think that "Pajamas Media will destroy BlogAds." According to Bloomberg [via WebProNews], "the market for online ads will increase 32 percent to $16.6" in 2006, so I think it is room for plenty of new players on the market... Here is an excerpt from Daniel Rubin's article, Blogging finds its audience in 2005.

Corporate America recognized the power of blogs to spread buzz, from MSNBC buying about 800 advertisements on sites that run Blogads to the proliferation of the medium as a marketing tool. Of course, Rocky Balboa has a blog that chronicles the production of Sylvester Stallone's sixth film about the Philadelphia fighter. (, 01/06/06.)

It is important to find the right KEY(WORDS) TO ADVERTISING. I hope visitor #121,274 found that he / she was searching for...

I am happy with signing up with Pajamas Media because I got a good deal compared with what I have made with other advertising programs so far. I probably will keep Google AdSense, because I am halfway to get a cheque... Have you seen that you now could advertise specifically on my blog? Click on the link saying "Advertise on this site" if you are interested. I am not sure that I will keep Chitika and CrispAds forever, due to the small amount that I have earned so far.

UPDATE 01/10/06:

Anonymous commentator
on Steve H.'s post, My Plans for the Afternoon:

Martin is sure he's going to make a fortune. It's practically all he talks about, ads and how much money he is making. I think they may have sold one since I ran across this over the weekend but so what? Who visits these blogs and will they click on Radio Shack? I'm no marketing expert but I'd say no.

When they said they were going to be a revolutionary news portal, I thought they meant they would be reporting on world news, not just about themselves.

I used to read some of those blogs regularly. PJM has managed to homogenize them to the point where it feels like read one, read them all to me. Ironically, through the ensuing, let's call it banter, I've discovered bloggers like you, Moxie and Dennis.

A plus for me but I don't see how driving away readers is a plus for them. (, 01/10/06.)

UPDATE 01/11/06: [Editor's note: Here is my comment on Hog on Ice.]

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