Friday, January 20, 2006


In the news: Justice Dept subpoenas Google over online porn law. [Hat tip to Dwayne Bell.]

Google Inc. has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Justice Department to turn over a database of search terms as part of a government probe of online pornography but Google rejected the demand as overreaching by the government. (, 01/19/06.)

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UPDATE 01/21/06:

Here is an excerpt from Dwayne Bell's post, The muffled screams of freedom being killed.

The statists age old cry 'for the sake of the children' has become so transparent that it's almost obscenely brave that anyone would try to invoke it still. If any of these Senators actually cared about our children's futures they'd be much more concerned with the rapidly deteriorating state of modern education, the scarcity - and in some places complete lack - of family doctors, the increasingly unattainable price of home ownership, the inevitable bankruptcy of a credit run economy and the statist dictatorship their policies of destroying free speech are moving us closer to.

Concern for children is only too clearly NOT their motive. (SuperBeauty.Org, 01/20/06.)

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