Friday, July 9, 2004


After writing the two previous posts, I have to enter the world of comics in order to get some fuel for my soul. It looks like "Captain Euro" is ruling the scene nowadays, instead of Steve Ditko's character, Mr. A.

Here is an excerpt from John Gleeson's article, Ditko dissects Shotgun Mike:

One of Ditko's contributions to the original Spider-Man (apart from doing all the artwork and plotting all the stories) was his unique take on "supercriminals" as pathetically ordinary human beings. Once the mask was off and the weapons taken away, there was nothing there -- "just a guy named Joe" with a few screws loose and an unchecked propensity for violence. (Winnipeg Sun, 07/09/04.)

I wonder if Ian Michael Hamet of Banana Oil will do a review of Spider-Man 2? Have you read Blake Bell's book, Steve Ditko: The Mysterious Traveler: A Critical Retrospective of His Career & Work?

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