Wednesday, July 14, 2004


The Carnival of the Capitalists is hosted this week by The Outsourcing Weblog. Last week's edition of CotC stirred up some heat and Clay Whittaker raised a couple of valid questions in his post, The perversion of a concept. [Editor's comment to Clay Whittaker: Conservatism and Laissez-faire capitalism are not compatible ideas. A person who is a supporter of Laissez-faire capitalism is a radical for capitalism, not a conservative. You could also label this view as classical liberalism (not to be mixed up with today's social(ist) liberals).] Here is a quote from Ayn Rand's column, Let Us Alone! (08/05/62), in the Los Angeles Times:

Since "economic growth" is today's great problem, and our present Administration is promising to "stimulate" it—to achieve general prosperity by ever wider government controls, while spending an unproduced wealth—I wonder how many people know the origin of the term laissez-faire? ["Let Us Alone!," The Ayn Rand Column, page 24 and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, page 140.]

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