Saturday, July 17, 2004


I am working on fixing the previous post, RESTORE THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. I have had some problems with Blogger's new WYSIWYG editor, but I hope it will be fixed pretty soon. In the meantime, take Slate's "Red or Blue—Which Are You?" trivia quiz. [Found via Accidental Verbosity.] I ended up with: "Is it cold in here? You're a little blue." [Editor's comment: I must admit that during the quiz, I said as Manuel in Fawlty Towers: "I know nothing" on several occasions.] So, where should I settle down in the future? Please give me tips and suggestions on places to visit on my next USA tour. [Editor's note: I hope I will be able to do some moblogging then..] I think that an optimal state of mind is a combo of a red state ("down-to-earth" and relaxed heartland type, e.g. the Midwest) and blue state (city slicker with an interest of business life pulse, culture and history, e.g. Boston)...

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