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I will bring my new digital camera on July 8 (18th of Tir) and join the "demonstration against terrorists, Islamofascists, and fanaticism!" [Editor's note: Please sign the petition.]

Here is an excerpt from Mark Steyn's article, Iran got tough – Blair just crumpled [via Inoberable Terran]:

Washington's position is clear: Iran is a charter member of the axis of evil. (Well, it's clear-ish: State Department types are prone to Jack Straw moments.) But London opted for "engagement" on the usual grounds that if you pretend these fellows are respectable they're more likely to behave respectably. In return, Britain's boys got hijacked and taken on a classic Rogue State bender. And the version being broadcast throughout the Muslim world is that Teheran swatted the infidel and got away with it. (, 07/06/04.)

Have you seen any Iranian "tourists" (read: spies) in New York City lately?

It is time to "connect the dots" and take care of the "Persian problem".

Over the last five years, security guards from the Iranian mission also were found filming critical infrastructure and transportation nodes such as the Brooklyn Bridge, a Queens subway station, the Queens-Midtown tunnel and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Should we be concerned about Iranian security guards running around the Big Apple taking happy snaps?

Heck, yeah! These aren't security guards at all. They're members of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) or perhaps even of the paramilitary Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). (Connecting the Dots by Peter Brookes. Cybercast News Service, 07/07/04.)

Carter let the Iranians off the hook. Three years later, Iran’s terrorist government ordered its personal terrorist group, Hezbollah, to attack the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. The attack killed 63 embassy personnel. President Reagan did nothing about it. Six months later, 241 Marines and sailors were killed in a Hezbollah hit on the MAU barracks at Beirut International Airport. Again, nothing was done about it. With no retaliation, these successes prompted Iran to send Hezbollah after more and more American targets.

Today, Iran is sending Hezbollah into Iraq to kill still more Americans. And a couple of weeks ago, we caught two Iranian spies reconnoitering potential targets (the subway, ferries, bridges, busses, trains, landmarks, et al) in New York City. These “security guards” for Iran’s mission to the United Nations were preparing “target folders” for Hezbollah, which was planning to carry out mass-casualty attacks but to leave bogus evidence pointing to al Qaeda, thus keeping Iran of the hook. (The Persian Problem by Bob Newman., 07/05/04.)

UPDATE: Watch Roger L. Simon on SOS Iran TV.

From Michele Catalano's post, Free Iran:

Back in the day, during the Iran hostage crisis, some radio DJ took The Beach Boys' Barbaran Ann and did a parody called Bomb Iran. Maybe it's time for an update.

No, I'm not really calling for the carpet bombing of Iran. But something has to be done. However, I wonder if this is something we should leave alone for now and let the people of Iran take control.

To A Small Victory readers: Click here if you want to listen to the song, Bomb Iran, and go to if you want to learn more about the story behind the parody.

While you are listening to the tune, you could read in the news that Defence Minister, Ali Shamkhani, is threatening America and Israel:

"The United States and the other enemies of the Islamic republic must know that we will respond to a military action against our country with all our force," he said, adding the retaliation would be "unlimited by time and space". (Middle East Online, 07/07/04.)

18 Tir

Check out Cox & Forkum's showcase of Iran cartoons.

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