Sunday, May 16, 2004


I must admit that I watched part of the Eurovision Song Contest. I am glad to inform my (and The Politburo Diktat a.k.a The Pravda) readers about some interesting tidbits from the show and give you a "socio-politico" analysis by linking the musical trends within the European Union... [Editor's note: I wonder how this post will end... ;)]

Commissar said: "This is what has happened since great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has broken up." Comrade, you have a point there. The Russian representative was acting like a bully and told the TV audience how big their country was and you could read between the lines that the Russian delegates were not happy about Ukrania's independence from the Soviet Union.

I think that Ruslana's song was pretty cool and it had a lot of energy. My favorite songs came from Malta, Albania and Cyprus. It was interesting to watch how candidates from former Eastern block countries had an outspoken Western style and sometime acted with sexy overtones, e.g., Bosnia & Herzegovina's female disco dancers in mini shorts and Romania's singer dressed in a black teddy lingerie. Maybe they could participate in the next episode of Eurotrash TV show?

Now it is time to read an interesting article on the European Union. Is it 'Ewropeja' or 'Ewropea'? by Thomas Fuller (International Herald Tribune).

If you are in the mood for a different kind of music, read my post, THE HUMAN LEAGUE.

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