Tuesday, May 4, 2004


Al Gore must be very keen on staying in the limelight. He has finally managed to acquire a digital-cable channel called Newsworld International. Maybe he could set up his own reality TV show. How about "Re-elect Gore" à la MTV's "Choose or Lose"?

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UPDATE 05/06/04: [Editor's note: Bill from INDC Journal has the following comment: "Hey - I noticed a trackback on my post, but I see no related link. Out of curiosity, can you explain the logic? Thanks." I sent a trackback ping to Bill's post, INDC and Gorebot: "Al Gore's company that launched his new television network is called INdTV Holdings. This company has absolutely NO affiliation with INDC Journal. Repeat, I am in no way directly compensated by Al Gore, though I do benefit greatly from his involvement with the whole internet thing. Just wanted to make that clear ..."

I thought that both my post and Bill's were related to the news that Gore had acquired Newsworld International, but maybe I am mistaken. I thought that my "TraktorBack" (using the Politburo Diktat's dictionary) link could continue the discussion on Gore's interest in media. For more on how-to blog, read Commissar's post, Trackbacks - The Peoples' Version.]

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