Tuesday, May 18, 2004


This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is hosted by Josh Cohen of D-42.com. I agree with Rob of BusinessPundit that this edition is one of the best. Here is an excerpt:

Martin Lindeskog of EGO notes that smoking will be illegal in restaurants starting 6/1/05. He links to a paper on restaurant owners and their perceptions of the effects of the smoking ban. I include this in "World Economics" because smokers are a fairly large bloc of consumers, and by banning them from smoking except in certain areas or at certain types of restaurants/bars (as it is in Florida) the government crushes businesses who depend upon the smoking bloc. (Blogspot Alert: Scroll down to "Smoking Ban in Sweden on 06/01/05")

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Please note that EGO will host the carnival on June 28. Go to Jay Solo's post, May 17 Carnival of the Capitalists is Up, and the CotC info page for more information.

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