Wednesday, May 19, 2004


If you want to send me a blog related email message in future, please send it to my new email address powered by Google:

It will be interesting to follow the competition between Yahoo!, Lycos, Google, and others...

A Gmail account has become a hot commodity. Look at this site: Gmail Swap. [Via]

So, is this good news or what? The politicians don't think so. Senator Liz Figueroa (D-CA) doesn't like Google's version of email service. Read Alexis Schatten Klemish's article, Maybe Google Should Fight It With A Campaign Bumber Sticker. Here is an excerpt:

SB 1822, which sailed through the Senate Judiciary Committee with only one dissenting vote, would change the agreement between Gmail users and Google. The bill would require Google (as well as other providers of e-mail and instant messaging) to obtain the prior consent of the sender for any outgoing messages. It would also require Google and other companies to obtain the prior consent of both sender and recipient for any incoming messages. (The Mercury News, 05/19/04.)

Will the folks at Google stick to their guns and follow the company's motto: "Don't Be Evil." Or, will they cave in to the pressure from the bureaucrats in Washington? Time will tell...

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