Monday, April 19, 2004


Have you seen the BBC documentary, Access to Evil? Here are some excerpts from the transcript (broadcasted on BBC Two, 02/01/04):

General Kang Ho Sop at the North Korean border control post (demilitarized zone):

"I hate Americans to death. I'll fight them to the end. I'll kill Americans, survive and save our revolution. Don't tell me any more about what the USA says about us. If you keep asking about them I'll stop this interview."

The altruistic idea of collective guilt is used in North Korea. A baby to a female political prisoner inherits her mother's guilt and must therefore be killed. A specific prisoner or family could be punished down to the third generation. The goal is to "root out the criminal seed."

Kwon Hyok defected to South Korea in 1999. He had some horrible things to tell about his time as the head of security at prison camp (kwan-li-so) 22 in Haengyong (close to the Russian border). Read Olenka Frenkiel's interview (Within prison walls) with him.

North Korea is in 2nd place in the EGO poll ("Which country should be next?"). I still believe that Iran should be the highest priority at the moment, but North Korea should be close in line. Click here for information on the event called "North Korea Freedom Day" in Washington D.C., on April 28.

For more on North Korea, check out the following sources:

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For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

UPDATE 04/20/04:
North Korea's Kim in China for talks on nukes, aid. (Radio Free Asia.)

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