Sunday, April 25, 2004


Roger L. Simon has coined a new word for the blogging dictionary:

"I think we need a new term for a kind of blog that is beginning to appear on the Internet, which does not solely represent the opinions of its "innocent" author. Perhaps someone will come up with a better one, but I am proposing the simple "Blogaganda" to describe the new blog by Mohammed Ali Abtahi, a Vice President (no less) of the Islamic Republic of Iran." [Via American Digest.]

My only comment on the "smooth talker" and his blogging, is to quote (12/12/03): "Cockroach & Mullah, a match made in heaven." [From my post, SADDAM HUSSEIN 12/14/03, MOHAMMAD KHATAMI XX/XX/04?.] On the same day, The Politburo Diktat asked an intriguing question: "Commissars, Mullahs, who will be next?" How about Comandante Fidel Castro?

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